Pore Cleansing System

Introducing the revolutionary Multifunctional Pore Cleansing System! This system is designed to not only remove stubborn blackheads, but to rid skin of dirt and impurities. An innovative, battery-operated device to cleanse and help clear skin!

Pore Cleansing System / For easy blackhead removal / Helps to unclog and reduce pores / Rejuvenate and refresh skin

Includes: 1 Device, 4 heads (Large circular head, medium head, small circular head, oval head), 18 accessories (12 sponges and 6 gel rings).
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ABS and Polystyrene / ABS et polystyrène
Prior to first use, insert 2 AA batteries (not included) following the directions for (+/-)

Test the device on your arm to determine how skin will react to the treatment

Wash skin with lukewarm water to open up pores before using device to ensure easier removal

Use only on T-Zone areas (forehead, nose and chin) • Gently glide device over face using the appropriate nozzle • Do not repeat or treat one area for too long or bruising/irritation may occur • Follow treatment using desired toner, serum and moisturizer Large Circular Head: Used to effectively remove blackheads and rejuvenate skin! Medium Head: Used to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells, make-up and impurities to reveal fresher, smoother skin. Small Circular Head: Used on more precise and sensitive areas such as under the eyes Oval Head: Used to help firm skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. After each use, remove the nozzle from the device and disinfect with rubbing alcohol. Lay flat to air dry. Ensure to replace filter sponge every 4-6 uses. Do not use in one area for too long or bruising may occur. Do not repeat areas already treated. Use only as directed. Only use on T-zone areas. Never use on sensitive, irritated, blemished or sunburned skin. Discontinue use if skin becomes red, swollen or itchy and consult a doctor if symptoms persist after use. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.
ABS and Polystyrene / ABS et polystyrène