Moisture Essential Set

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CHIA SEED Fresh Cleansing Foam 150mlThis fresh cleansing foam deeply cleanses the pores. Its mild formula moisturizes the skin while removing impurities. Purified skin remains soft to the touch with a healthy glow!
CHIA SEED Fresh Cleansing Wipes 50 sheetsThese embossed fresh cleansing wipes deeply cleanse the pores, leaving the skin clean and soothed without tightness.
Charcoal & Konjac Cleansing PuffUsed for generations for a clear and beautiful complexion, these sponges used as part of a healthy cleansing routine, have a very unique texture and leave the skin extremely soft and refreshed! Natural cleansing puff made with 90 % devil’s tongue jelly and 10% natural bamboo charcoal. Its soft texture is ideal for sensitive skin.
THE SOLUTION Hydrating Face Mask 3 units: This face mask features a light-as-air sheet that feels soft and weightless on skin. A serum containing Hyaluronic Acid helps dry, thirsty skin lock in moisture. 

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